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Multiple pilot characters

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An option to store at least three different online pilots.  Can be used as a fighter, attack, or bomber online career tracker, or a single server pilot, a specific pilot collecting specific stats for a specific campaign on a specific competitive online war only.  Also a stats storage for each persona, so one can track how much flight time, how may carrier sorties, all time gunnery averages, bombs dropped, and types of targets killed totals.  The basic stuff stored for each pilot.  Would be even neat if an online persona's career could be tracked according to theater and battle they served in and time period of the war. 

Personally don't care about ranks and medals, but I'd bet a lot of people would, especially if they were based on total merit, flight time, sorties generated and completed, damage done through attack, total sea time on the boat in the combat zone, supplies delivered, recon reported, rescues made, aircraft assisted kills and damages inflicted, and not simply fighter kills.

Someone drops their bomb load within X meters of your aircraft above X altitude floor without scoring a hit and the game records it as a successful defensive intercept. 

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