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Please consider adding modding support and/or tools

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It's probably safe to assume that users will be able to edit/add some minor things in the final game, like adding new aircraft skins for example. I personally feel that's almost a bare minimum, but I also wouldn't really classify that as a mod though.

I would really like it if Combat Pilot allowed for full-fledged community created mods. Why not let the community members add new aircraft or other vehicles? How about tools to let us create and share (scripted) missions/campaigns for example? Et cetera...

It's not necessary upon release, but sometime down the road maybe? I truly believe that an excellent game can be elevated even more if it allows for mods. It also helps increase the product's life. Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Cyberpunk, The Witcher,... are all great examples.

This is obviously coming from a player's perspective. I have absolutely no knowledge in regards to game development, so maybe there are cons from your perspective?

That being said, please don't be one of those companies that release a subpar product with mod support in the hopes the community will fix it! 😅

Thank you for considering my request!

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Agreed, plenty of old 20+ year old games still have dedicated player bases thanks to mods breathing fresh life into them long after their time. Look at Falcon BMS, Richard Burns Rally and plenty of other games.

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Working signatures? What a novel concept!

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