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When you use the monitor for cheating. AI makes it possible.

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2 hours ago, BlitzPig_EL said:

This is the tip of a rather large iceberg.  Sadly it is one that will be impossible to steer our ship around, and we don't have enough life boats.

I do remember the times where I threw my tower case PC, my 17 inch monitor, accessories and some rolls of coax cables in my car to gather up with friends and spend a weekend having a LAN party. I see online play return among friends or at least poeple who know and trust themselves.

It's the "public" servers that will succumb and become a cesspool. Rather unfortunately so. But they can be problematic anyway for various reasons.

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When you don’t understand how anything works, everything is a miracle or a conspiracy.

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On 1/15/2024 at 8:42 AM, ZachariasX said:

It's the "public" servers that will succumb and become a cesspool.

To be fair, cheating in one form or another has been an issue since the first games hit public servers. This will just be one more tool in the arsenal of those who are going to find a way to cheat no matter what.

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