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Dear Dev's,

Please consider adding support for SimShaker Wings supported devices like Gametrix JetSeat/JetPad/HF8 haptic feedback devices.

Just like Jason did here:

SimShaker Support for IL-2 - SimShaker - IL-2 Sturmovik Forum (il2sturmovik.com)

This is the sort of haptic feedback that can be provided:


SimShaker enables fantastic flight simulation immersion.  I use SimShaker Wings for IL-2 GB and SimShaker for Aviators with DCS in conjunction with my Gametrix JetPad.  Some of my friends also use the HF8 haptic feedback seat with this too.  This technology is highly recommended for immersive flight simulation.

Thank you for considering this request.

Happy landings,



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5 hours ago, Sea Serpent said:

Can't fly anything without it anymore.

Exactly, me neither.  I use my buttkicker with DCS, MSFS, and IL2.  Just a nice little addition to the immersion with the simshakers...

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100% agreed, any time I hop on for serious flying I always hook up the jetseat, especially for warbirds where feel is so important to flying.

Though, my understanding is this is less about "supporting simshaker" as it were, and more about offering plenty of good telemetry for the simshaker software to read and work with, so hopefully we get plenty of good data that we can export for use!

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Working signatures? What a novel concept!

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