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Black Cross, Red Star Republished.


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BCRS Vol 2, has just been republished as a new edition, like a different book with lots more info, maps and pix. Contact Christer Bergstrom to buy here: (edited)

Christer Bergström <vaktelforlag@gmail.com>
Dear friends and supporters,

I am happy to announce that the new edition of Black Cross Red Star, Vol. 2 has arrived from the printer, and I am absolutely satisfied with the printing quality:

https://vaktelforlag.se/produkt/black-cross-red-star-air-war-over-the-eastern-front-volume-2-two-turning-points-december-1941-may-1942/  Thr link is for an extract
Vaktel Förlag
Newly arrived! Order now! The very much asked for, most extensively updated, and very much expanded completely new edition of Black Cross Red Star Volume 2. This new edition of Volume 2 is so heavily updated and expanded that it more or less is a completely new book! ISBN: 978-91-88441-89-8   From the content: * The contribution of the Sovi...

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6 hours ago, Feldgrün said:

Glad you're satisfied with the quality of the printing. How is the book/series? I've heard great things but have yet to pick any up.


The whole series is impressive. The books at just under 400 pages are a little heavier for their size compared to Schiffer or Motorbooks titles. The pages have a matt rather than glossy finish which makes them much easier to read IMO. Christer typically includes about five pages of source material, and then another twenty pages of notes/footnote references, but he omits an index because of the number of pages it would require. He does include a QR code that you can access and download the index if you wish.



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