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Happy Halloween Combat Pilot Community!


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Happy Halloween Pilots!

Our first Halloween together! Oh how I used to love doing Halloween sales for you all. Hopefully next year maybe. Halloween kicks off the Holiday Season here in America which is my favorite time of year. Remember that time I made some actual flying witches? If you celebrate Halloween tonight enjoy your candy and trick-or-treating with the kids and be safe if you attend a party! 

Here is a little Halloween treat for you. DD later this week. 


P.S. this image is just a rendering and lighting experiment. Not in-game footage, but that is our new 3in. / 50 cal. gun model.





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We had “Guy Fawkes” dances at school but I never knew what they were based on. Interesting. Now I have to look up the event!

Halloween has really gotten big here. Back when I was a kid (I’m 58) it was mostly a kid’s thing. Your parents put a jack-o-lantern on the porch, you dressed up as Batman or a football player something, and parents in street clothes walked you around the neighborhood to houses that might have some fake spider webs and tarantulas, maybe a Dracula or witch dummy, where adults in street clothes answered the door and handed out candy. The holiday theme was fun Supernatural stuff. Somehow, although that’s still present, since then it’s morphed into elaborately-costumed adults partying for a week while the front yards of houses contain bloody genocidal dismemberment murder scenes that make Jeff Dahmer’s apartment look like an episode of Barney. I’m not saying they can’t do that, I just don’t get it. Prob a Law of Primacy thing. 

EDIT: Sorry for the hijack. Gun is awesome! 

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2 hours ago, Trooper117 said:

You yanks love your Halloween don't you... never experienced it myself, but have a good one all the same.

In Blighty we do 'Penny for the Guy' remembering 'Guy Fawkes' and the gunpowder plot to blow up Parliament... it didn't end well!


Haven't seen 'Penny for the Guy' for years. We used to have great fun traipsing around the town with our Guy on a trolley. Usually had a school blazer - that somebody had outgrown - and a papier mache Guy mask, and one year we got hold of a tailor's dummy. Our Guy wasn't slumped and lumpy (like the one in the pic) that year; he was the smartest Guy in town and we cleaned up!

Btw love the NHS specs that two of the lads have. I had them too. Now super-cool because of Harry Potter. 😎

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The Bell Inn, Bath. Live music venue and real ale pub (thebellinnbath.co.uk)

I am in the homepage picture... or I would be if they hadn't cropped off the bottom part of it. 🍻

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