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Why I am grateful to the makers of Flight Sims - Visualising stories of veterans


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I started making IL2 movies way back in the early 2000's, usually just combat and a few action bits and pieces. Around 2005 I was using it to illustrate stories I had read in books, but by 2008 I was using it to actively show/visualise interviews I had with veterans of WW2.

To try and summarise what it means is nearly impossible, but to have the ability to use a flight sim to show not only the Pilot's family and friends but people around the world, makes a huge difference (especially the younger generation, sadly) to how it is remembered. 

Talking to younger people about "8 fifty cals" and "the thunderbolt", means very little, but to be able to show them what it is, it just opens up a hole different dimension.

The fact that flights sim makers actively help by adding multiple camera points and free cams, it just opens up a vast amount of possibilities for creativity.

I have made multiple films and used flight sims (mainly IL2 1946, BoX and CloD) and pilots who have watched my interpretation are fascinated but also humbled that anyone takes an interest in someone whose memories and sacrifices, have log been forgotten by the younger generation.

The fact that flight sims open up a world of possibilities to tell their stories and don't need a whole studio to create the footage is something I have long been thankful for.

I have linked elsewhere my three documentaries on the Checkertail Clan, but this short 5-minute video is a perfect example of how it helps tell just one brief moment in time.

P-47 Fighter Ace, George Novotny talks about being part of the 325th Fighter Group's "Fearsome Foursome".


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