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Hello and Salud!


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I actually drink more tequila than secret German herbal aperitifs, but who’s counting anyway?

My brief history is that I have been playing flight simulators since they were invented and my first scripted campaign was “Cactus Diary” for IL2 Pacific Fighters way back when we were first figuring out how to make them. I have quite a few old campaigns still on Mission4Today, and I have been writing single player missions and scripted campaigns for IL2 Great Battles for quite a few years now. 

I have purchased and flown almost every commercially produced PC flight simulator ever published and for now, IL2 is the only one that keeps holding my interest because I can create historically accurate experiences and recreate past events so us “younger” folks can experience them in first person virtual reality. I guess it’s my way of helping the world remember the sacrifices and dedication of our forbears who had to fight to keep their way of life from being taken from them. Some succeeded and others did not.

I would love nothing more than to experience again the adventures of The Cactus Air Force, The Jolly Rogers or just flying a Hellcat off a carrier with up to date graphics in VR. I guess I will be building a new computer before Jason gets this thing ready for release, haha. See y’all around the forum and I wish the best of luck and good fortune to the entire Entropy.Aero team… Buen suerte!

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