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Greetings and Good Luck


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Greetings all lovers of Combat Flight Simulations.

It is clear that the community is excited about this project , and I am encouraged that the designers

are seeking input from the community prior to the release.

There is a lot of knowledge , experience , and dedication in this community , and in my opinion , such

as it is worth , this is a resource commonly overlooked in bringing out a new product.

I too am excited , and hopeful that the trap of making the game look great does not take precedence

over the thoughts , energy and resources that go into the game design and replayability , as is so often

the case in contemporary video game design.

I also hope that the current practice of pay by chunk can be managed better than in other online games.

I know this is a difficult balance , because of course the designers , artists and programmers all deserve

to be rewarded to a fair degree for their time and care , but the concept of better aircraft ( and other vehicles )

by purchase amount is not a worthy option , and any game that follows this practice will never get my

money , and I think a lot of the community will agree with this sentiment.

I paid for each and every flight sim I have flown over the years , despite many of them being made available

by other methods , and will do the same provided that the previous model is not followed.

Sorry for being a downer here , I am really pleased to see this project arise and I hope to support it for

a long time.


Best of luck to the team , and I look forward eagerly to your product.



( Old and Grumpy )


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Greetings to you as well... I could be considered old and grumpy also, but for me, I don't care how they do it, as long as it get's done. They will get my money for sure.

When this comes to fruition, if you don't buy it, where else are you going to find an up to date Pacific war flight simulator?

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