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Two tiered controls system

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As an option have a separate experimental controller/flight model mode for high end stick set ups, like $$$'s sticks with extensions and high end rudder pedals.   Same speeds and engine performance and all, so both modes can be intermixed on the same server, or as an option one can separate the two, as server defined rules. 

Stalls and edge of envelope could be finessed in greater detail, don't care if the lower res has training wheels to aid with their stubbie's stability disabilities giving anyone advantages, I'd still happily fly among them, as long as you build us a flight model worthy of what our sticks are physically capable of. 

With a higher res mode you guys could experiment more freely and see what those limits really are, hard to do that without all hell breaking loose when most of the crowd has a $40 set up from the local came apart store and no rudders.

Sort of like what DCS managed to do mixing in their flaming cliffs planes, they do just fine as flyers and everyone gets along peacefully despite a totally different modeling approach and standard of fidelity. 

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Honestly I don't think this is really needed at all

You really don't need anything more than a basic stick or a gamepad - to be able to take advantage and fly well


Unless you are talking about mouse and keyboard mode specifically

In that case I think allowances should be made so someone with a mouse and keyboard can say do a basic ground attack mission with friends

And maybe some super conservative BNZ

Only problem IL-2 had was allowing server admins to ban mouse and keyboard players from servers

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