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1942 PAW


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I hope this new simulation turns out something like 1942: The Pacific Air War that was released 1994 on PC/DOS, at least in scope with the stress of carrier take offs and landings on top of the combat or torpedo runs from either side, would love that.

I recall the final release 1942: The Pacific Air War gold had a whole strategy element in it as well, wonderful classic it was, looks dated now for sure, but back then it was pretty much state of the art!  Does anyone remember the canvas pull off the canopy clip just before your mission? 🙂

Best of luck with this new venture, will be following closely and much eagerness.

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14 hours ago, jeronimo83 said:

I am hoping for a “remake” of PAW as well. Great atmosphere. Large formations. Large flight distances. It even had a 3d virtual cockpit with padlock (!). 

There might be some nostalgia involved there - PAW had its plane count in a single scenario limited to 16 if I remember correctly. For more, you'd have to wait for its cousin European Air War 4 years down the road 😉

To my knowledge, we hardly had any offering that did not fancy itself as an arcade game providing us with the relevant number of ships and aircraft on screen in the nearly 30 years that separate us from that game, as far as PTO is concerned.


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