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For VR : Open XR and Quad View support

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One thing I would love to see is native Open XR support for VR, and also if possible Quad View support for VR. The latter I am not real sure what all would be involved there - I can tell you for headsets that have quad view and games that support quad view, Dynamic Foveated Rendering with eye tracking can be used to very signicantly increase VR performance. We have seen this implemented successfully in DCS for Quest Pro and Varjo Aero. I understand Pimax Crystal will be getting it as well. 

I have the Varjo Aero and can tell you in DCS my performance boost running with eye tracked DFR was astounding. I also understand similar is being done in MSFS 2020 now as well with good success. Open XR is needed as Steam VR does not have quad view support currently. 

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