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Adding a space between videos (Maybe just mobile?)

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So, type text, then add a video link below. The embedded video appears. 

Then add (without hitting return) a new video link beneath it. 

Damn, I wanted to add a space. 

So click before the video just added, hit return... Video doesn't drop down to the next line. 

Click in front of the video above and hit return, nothing happens. 


Hope that explains it? 

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Happens using a desktop too.

Only way I have found go get around the problem is to delete everything out of the post and start over.

IIRC it also happens when you do not add a line between two images before adding the second one to your post.


What we really need is a way to see the text without any formatting so we can edit as we go. Other forums that I visit that use the Invision software have the same problem.



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