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Hello everyone I'm Antonio a new member, I would like to thank Jason for the excellent work done with the IL2 great battles series of which I have purchased all the titles except the tanks and with which I have been using for many years. I want to ask Jason if in his new sim there will be an easy mode and that it's not just fighter planes because I've never learned they shoot me down immediately, I always use fighter bombers on which I found myself comfortable. I hope to be able to buy the new sim soon.


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  • Executive Producer Skystreak Productions

Hello Viper,

Thanks for your previous business. I don’t know how much we will be able to scale the difficulty yet, but the AI will likely have different skill levels. You will have the chance to fly dive bomber and torpedo bombers eventually in Combat Pilot. That’s definitely part of our plan.  Most fighters also had the ability to carry a bomb or two. When it’s time you’ll have plenty of options. Hang out and enjoy being part of the community while we get this going full blast. 


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i also want to thank you Jason for not giving up your dream and trying to create combat pilot. It is also my dream to be able to fly in a pacific themed combat simulator. I am very exited and hope i am not dreaming 😅.

Will support as much as i can and wish succes

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