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AI Coms

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A ccouple of things.  

Firstly I would like to see something akin to Heatblur's  "Jester Wheel" menu for coms in CB. I find the abilty to use head tracking (prehaps eventually eye tracking to navigate memus very instinctive. If the memu could be designed to incorpoate Voice commands efficently that would also be a boon. A toggled and situation dependent qucik ACM/BFM menu containing relevent tactical commands for the type would  also be nice.

Second part is AI coms coming back. In many previous sims in SP as a wingman Im often left reacting to sudden course alterations with little or no coordinated tactical flying. Dependent upon the AI in the game, having an AI lead dictate and communicate  BFM and ACM to me and, conversely react to my BFM and ACM instructions would be fantstic.  

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