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Any Military Veterans Here?

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Just a shout out to all the military veterans who are here. Tell us about your service, branch and country don't matter it was the wearing of the uniform that mattered.

I was an enlisted 11B (infantry rifleman)  in the US Army, 1983 to 1987. My primary duty station was at Wiley Kasern in Neu Ulm, Germany. The base wasn't like the large monstrosities that we have here in the US. Many US Army bases in Germany were more comparable to a college campus, than say, to Fort Benning in size. I was in the 56th Field Artillery Brigade Pershing II (tac nuke), 1/81FA BN, HHB, "Ammo Platoon". So, what was an infantry guy doing in a Pershing missile unit? HHB (Headquarters Battery) had a platoon of infantry men in  "Ammo Platoon" for security during warhead movement. Since the "ammo" (the actual warheads) didn't actually move around when not being used, we actually got tapped to do a bunch of interesting things, like be aggressors for the firing batteries when they went to the field for training. Overall, it was an intense time in history, and we lived on a PRIMARY target for Soviet attack, in case war should have broken out. I enjoyed a bit of traveling and went to Austria for a week. Wonderful times all around. I visited Neu Ulm in 2013, much was changed, but many things were still there.

After Germany, came Fort Benning, but that is a different story... Let's here ya brothers!

Missile trailer being tested in the motorpool. This was the view out of the east window in my barracks room.


Ammo Soldiers returning from an aggressor mission. Note the Pontiac Trans Am parked next to a Mercedes, parked next to a Jeep. The girl in the white jacket was in the commo section.


Missile truck and trailer approaching the fueling point, again, just outside my barracks window.


UH1 Hueys were used for liason work for the command staff, and an occasional air assault training mission.


German police and razor wire were everywhere; sometimes we wondered if they were there to keep terrorists out or US soldiers in. Sometimes, as young "men", our behavior did not always ingratiate our presence with the locals...


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Caption photos, again. Added detail.
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