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WTS WTB GPU thread

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I have grown up adult kids, that always gobble my graphic cards as soon as I change them, but this time my 4090, may become available when a 5090 will appear. 

The reason is that they use more and more laptops which have become very powerful and so my personal built towers are more difficult to send down the generation line.

Stay tuned maybe there will be an opportunity here.

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Good to know!
I updated to a 4070 once it hit the same price as the ol 2070super.

But with the way graphics cards are nowdays they are basically heirlooms like you said so we should keep this thread open for the community.
Seems like a similar thread could exist for vr headsets now a lot of vr players seem to be moving onto their 2nd headset.

Yea I personally don't understand younger kids using gaming laptops so much my personal experience with them is that they break. I guess they don't anymore?
I prefer my laptop to be light weight, or I just use an ipad when I can.
I've been doing some AI/ML courses recently at the local uni, and I can't but help cringe when a 'gaming' laptop spins up a big workload! And I get a bit of anxiety leaving them alone in a room unattended. 

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