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Excited for the future - from all at Tangmere Pilots !

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Hi Jason and the team,

Can I just say that we at Tangmere Pilots are watching this Combat Flight Simulator with keen interest. The product sounds excellent with some great ideas, we cant wait to have a go in your early aircraft and maps. Im sure that we will be early adopters of CombatPilot. Cant wait to be back in the PTO!


Tangmere Pilots currently fly IL2 Great Battles and have been in existence for 20 years! We have 25 + regular pilots that fly each week (a lot in VR) and we have flown most aircraft in many different campaigns designed by our own team over the years. We are proud to have the original model designer of the IL2 1946 mosquito in our Squadron and many mission / campaign designers.

If we can help in any with beta testing, research, mission editor ideas etc.. just let us know.

S! and well done !



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Like Bunny, I'm with Tangmere Pilots, and we hunger for Combat Pilot and carrier ops. @Jason_WilliamsI registered my name her as "slparker" and I'd like to change it to TP_Sparky so as to easily be identified as one of "those people", sort of like wearing the scarlet letter in Colonial America. 

We try for realistic comms discipline on operations each week and I'm really, really looking forward to the challenge of returning to the boat with fuel-limited and battle-damaged aircraft, and trying to recover everyone without anyone running dry and ditching or anyone missing the wire and crashing into the island or parked aircraft during the go-around in Case I or II ops. 

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