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Doglegs and Safety Wires


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In the Great Battles series, many planes have some sort of safety wire to gate high power settings (P-39, P-51D), and many have some sort of dogleg that requires a different motion for the pilot to advance the throttle beyond a certain point (Typhoon, Tempest). But these are only cosmetic, and so the physical feedback the real pilot would have gotten is lost on the player.

I hope that Combat Pilot models these guards in an interactive way, where appropriate. There are a variety of ways this could be done:

  • the traditional WEP button could be overloaded to unlock full use of the throttle range
  • you could implement the wire such that it is only broken if the throttle is pushed into it with sufficient speed.
  • you could allow the player to set a fixed point on their throttle (i.e. a detent), and pushing the physical throttle to that point would push the in-game throttle to the appropriate stop, in planes so equipped.

Or some combination of the above.

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