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MSFS style toolbar/Windows for VR users


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As a VR user, this easily mouse accessible system for various resources in-cockpit is AMAZING. The ability to drag windows and place them around in 3d space, and easy access to information without having to remove or peek under the headset is huegly convenient and has spoiled me when playing other games. things like briefing,  maps, checklists, comms (for ground and wingmen!) rearm/repair menus, a notepad and who knows what else could all be great windows to have in cockpit with me for quick reference.

Screenshot as an example (in a Wildcat, of course), I placed a whole bunch of random windows around just to show off the feature and some of its functions for those who haven't tried MSFS or are in 2d. they can be moved around anywhere in 3d space (included being set closer or farther away), resized, closed or minimized to get out of the way as needed.



Would love to see something like this in Combat Pilot!

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Working signatures? What a novel concept!

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