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hello from the Desert Southwest (US)


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my initial thoughts were to expand on the survey a bit.. as I am not your typical simmer I suspect.. I am very interested in what happens here.


I mostly fly flat screen, but do have VR available and will use it IF the resolution in the cockpit is good for my old eyes.. I am currently 62.. so my reaction speeds and eyes are not up to the standards of the younger folks in many cases.. so at this point, while I enjoy flying fighters.. I have lately started gravitating to those with radar, simply so it can spot targets for me.. 

Other than that, have gotten comfortable with Helos in DCS and MSFS.  so can still do support missions that require a bit less active spotting. 🙂  

Hope that info can be useful.  would love a good career mode, if there is not one, probably would not stick around.  will be considering Microsofts new entry in 2024.. but a straight sim just isnt enough.. dynamic campaign/career adds a ton.

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