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Takao/753 Kokutai


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Another excellent article by Bob Alford who, as part of the Darwin Aviation Historical Society, has spent years studying Japanese raids and units involved in action over the top of Australia. He is an expert in this field.

Takao Kokutai was a heavy bomber unit of the Japanese Navy, and figured prominently in the early to mid years of the Pacific War. 

Established in 1938, it was equipped with the Mitsubishi G3M. In May 1941 it re-equipped with the Mitsubishi G4M. It saw service in China in 1940-41, the Netherland East Indies 1941-42, Australia in 1942-1943 and Central Pacific in 1944; where it suffered grievous losses and was disbanded in July 1944.

Takao-753-Kokutai_A Brief History_35158760.pdf

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