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Haptics software built into the game itself.


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10 hours ago, Drum said:

Supporting all the different haptic hardware already on the market without the need to purchase expensive third party software, please.

Now that would be great!

I use a haptic seat device, haptic headphones and, of course, a FF joystick which I dearly hope will be supported.  Together with VR, haptic hardware is brilliant for immersion and I would not want to fly a PC without it.

Happy landings,


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I have a jetseat, and I already own the third party software needed to run it, as does I assume everyone else who has any kind of haptics? As long as the devs can provide the telemetry needed I don't see why they should put the development time into making a software that only a tiny niche of their community will actually use

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Working signatures? What a novel concept!

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