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Pretty cool CGI (sorry if it was already posted)

Amiral Crapaud

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I know this was posted months ago but somehow I didn't see it until now. 😃 

Although rendered nicely, constructively, among other things, WAY too much flak. At least as regards the 5" bursts. Photos of the dive bombing attack on Yorktown show far, far fewer 5" flak bursts. The CGI above shows a volume of 5" bursts more like that seen/photographed during the torpedo attack, a couple hours later. 

I mention this because I often see exaggerated flak in CGI stuff. Hopefully Combat Pilot (and Task Force Admiral) don't make that mistake! 

Yorktown being dive bombed, as photographed from Astoria. Val crashing ahead of the vessel, bomb splashing in wake, Val overhead forward. I see two 5" bursts. Other more distant views of this attack that feature more sky (i.e., more altitude above the vessel) show a few more 5" bursts, but overall about (I estimate) 1/10th of that in the CGI depiction.  


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