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All seeing/all knowing Eye of Sauron AI? And getting swarmed by the enemy AI

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Sorry if these have already been mentioned:

Will it be possible to sneak up on/bounce AI opo?   Or will they know where I am at all times? It's like that the missile knows where it is video.

I read on the other site that in some missions that because of a way a mission gets set up that the player gets swarmed by AI leaving the AI friendlies mostly alone. 

The option to select the player for an entire flight of AI(basically shoot down the player) should not be included imho.



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Entirely different developers, different engine, different game. Please do not refer to other games as a basis for what is being produced by CP. There is, as of yet, no basis for comparison, in any case.

Gonna close this one for now.


“I’d say we’re offering a fair deal under the circumstances.”

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