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FM flight controls reactions to joystick inputs.

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Especially at low speeds I feel that flight models are reacting too strongly?

I remember reading that someone let Cptn Brown fly in Sturmovik Forgotten battles.  He gave his opinion on the #'s for setups.

I know that some people fly with linear setups which gives them near instant reactions which may not be completely accurate especially at slow speeds??  This would give that player an advantage would it not?

Or am I wrong on my impressions?


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I tried Capt. Brown's settings back in the day.  If you used them you were dead meat, against humans or AI.  The only way to make those setting work would be to force them on all players, which is impossible owing to the many different controllers being used.

Simulating reality is a very thorny proposition.  The ground looping behavior in the other sim is a prime example.


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That is very interesting.  Thanks for the info.

So players with linear settings do have an advantage it seems to me even if not accurate.

I guess the only way to enforce more accurate controls would be behind a locked LUA.

I can see the meme now:

"I demand accuracy in my sim...but not that way."


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