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Using the Internet Archive for saving webpages


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Tired of “losing” your favorite gaming site or any site that you just love to frequent for that matter. By using the Internet Archive’s “Save Page Now” feature to save snapshots of those sites you can help keep them “alive” for your future use. It used to take 6 months before the page would actually show in the archive database but now you can check right after you save it and see if it was actually saved. If you get a group together you can pool your efforts to save just about everything from a site for future use.

  1. Go to the Wayback website: Internet Archive: Wayback Machine 9
  2. Paste the URL of the page you want to archive into the Save Page Now box (at the bottom-right).
  3. Click on the Save Page button (or press enter).
  4. Wait while the page is being crawled. Once the archiving process is complete, the URL of the archived page appears.

Not every link or page on a site will be able to be archived but most sites allow spiders to crawl most of their content so it will show up in search engines. This can also be used as a tool for Administrators to see if they are allowing the things they don’t care are Archived to be Archived and stop spiders from Archiving things they don’t want to be Archived by changing their forums robot.txt permissions.



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