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Yes that's right, tools for testing the damage models, flight models, and other important statistics, available for everybody.

It would be extremely useful to be able to fire specific ammo at specific parts of aircraft or other targets, and also have the ability to fly these damaged aircraft for durability and flight model testing. Similar to a feature seen in another game which allows you to see armor values, penetration values, and shrapnel effects on specific parts of an aircraft, with any ammo available.

Other similarly useful features would be realtime detailed aircraft statistics such as AoA, turn rates, drag, acceleration, propeller efficiency, pilot G forces/fatigue, etc.. something like an in-game TacView if it's possible to create (with the option to disable in multiplayer of course).

Tools such as these will give Combat Pilot an edge in getting things right, while hopefully helping to avoid some conflicts among the community and time consuming revisions in the future.

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