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New fan? certainly follower.. and Greeting to all virtuals pilots


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Just passed 68 y/o two days ago.

Long time virtual pilot annd beta tester on IL2 first of name. I work with Ubisoft Paris for the trailer Pacific Fighter. At this time i was involved in sims trough the website France-Simulation.com & Simulation-France-Magazine.com (not realy active now )
Begin sims with flight simulator 1 from Sublogic ( before Microsoft buy it) then things like SWOTL from Lucasart :) :classic_rolleyes:
Firts on lin combat with Redbarons 3D and follow all the good things series Aces over.., Janes Aircraft , European Air War ( i build my squad on it) 20 year ago.... Then IL2 Stormovik from 1C Maddox a great great punch in our face for the time. i begin to work with Ubisoft as french moderator for IL2 forum and makin translation in french and skins and missions. At the end after Pacific and 1946 i switch on Cliff of Dover but ... not a good feeling .. again switch for Squad to Rise Of Flight a very good option revival with Flying Circus.. Skin made for Rof Work on Planes of FC.  Planes are nearly sames :classic_tongue:  but maps are greatest
And IL2 Great Battles land... again a great one !! certainly the Best for WWII aas DCS is the best for jets.

Great battle after 10 year of good services will stop quite logic Tech have changed in 10 years. Maybe we will have new successor (or not) but as chineese come.. eco,nomic model can be changed..  free game and micro transaction ?? maybe..

And Now.. our good Jason want to make a dream... Pacific...... Mythic planes, actions theater of operation..  Iwant to dream
Guandalcanal Cactus Airforce, Midway, Mariannas and so many places

I wish the best to this project.. and put some € in a box for tomorrow!!

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19 hours ago, Jason_Williams said:

Welcome @FAW-SPIT!


Thanks a lot Jason.

I follow your work since a long time. You give us a good new and great hope we are fans of IL2 from first issue and Great battle is our current Horse for WWII.. (DCS WWII is good but lack of coherent environnement)
Now we will pray for your success :classic_love:

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I had FS2 but never 1. That WWI mode with little horizontal bow ties representing biplanes was novel for the time.

Before that, though, I had a B-1B sim I loaded off a tape on my Atari 400, though! Well...as much as it could be called a sim, it was more like a text adventure with rudimentary graphics...

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