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My wishes

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Dear creators of new sim, 

Happy to hear that !

This will be another milestone in VR flying sims. I just have one big wish. Please make this new game for the regular PCs. That means, I know you are able to make holywood ultra real graphic, but thats not what we request. We request perfect flight model, real simulation, and only quite good graphic, but MANY (hundreds of planes) on the sky simultaneously and running very smooth in VR on todays PCs hw.


I dont wanna buy new pc for your game, and I wanna enjoy smooth experience in VR with dozens of planes on the sky. Thats what I wish mostly.

Thanks for hearing me :)

ATA_Vasilij (Sim pilot since IL2 1st gen.) 


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I perfectly understand your request, but it seems to me a little in contradiction with the request for a VR sim and many hundred planes in the sky.

I am not an expert but VR implies that the PC must generate twice more frames as you need one for each eye. So this means that you have already a top performer and no regular PC. Now a realistic flight sim is one of the applications that inevitably is very power hungry. If you add hundred of planes in the sky then your request is a kind of squaring the circle problem.

The sim most probably will have all the parameter setting to have it playable on an average PC. But when developing such a sim on the long term, you have to consider that the hardware improves over time and so you have already to plan for it. SO the general approach would be to go for the max and then allow to tone down.

Even for you this is the right approach. Inevitably a few years from now you may change system and it will be more powerful. So you will be happy to have a sim that can use that extra power. 

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its all about the intention of the developers. You can get nice game with next gen features, but also playable on regular pc. Its about optimization, its about saving polys and resources where possible. Even now, many almost all games on the market uses power of just single core in CPU, so its just about the code, about the engine, how it is written.

I know that even with present computers you can play new games, if they are well coded (in meaning optimization). But you can also make new game on the TOP pc, with no restrictions, and just say "its sim, just buy top hw".... the approach is different, as you feel it. Nothing more I wanted to say. 

bye :)


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