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Oh well, might as well get it out of the way...


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I am no man's bot. Any evidence to the contrary is pure happenstance.


...oh, right. I finally got around to registering an account here, but I've been hanging around the Discord server for a few days already - long enough to take note of the kerfuffle about a certain acronym.

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Considering this is just a 30 second search and the list is likely nowhere near complete I found almost 350 definitions associated to the CP acronym I am fairly certain CP is ambiguous enough.


Acronym    Definition
CP    Command Post
CP    Cerebral Palsy
CP    Copilot
CP    Candle Power
CP    Children's Pastor
CP    Control(ler) Processor
CP    Corporation
CP    Canadian Pacific (railroad)
CP    Compare
CP    Copy (Unix command)
CP    Camp
CP    Control Panel
CP    City Paper
CP    Canadian Press
CP    Constraint Programming
CP    Commercial Paper
CP    Cleaner Production
CP    Crude Protein
CP    College Park (southwest Atlanta, GA)
CP    Canada Post (Canadian Postal Service)
CP    Control Point
CP    Close Protection (bodyguards)
CP    Club Penguin (website)
CP    Cooperative Program
CP    Constitution Party
CP    Chris Paul (basketball player)
CP    Car Port (various companies)
CP    Consumer Products
CP    Capital Punishment (Counter Strike gaming clan)
CP    Chronic Pain
CP    Control Program
CP    Crown Plaza
CP    Cedar Point (amusement park)
CP    Crown Point (Indiana)
CP    Central Park (New York City)
CP    Check Point
CP    Church Planting
CP    Chrome Plated
CP    Chest Pain
CP    Construction Permit
CP    Contact Person
CP    Columbia Pictures
CP    Cellular Phone
CP    Community Primary (UK schools)
CP    Chicago Pneumatic (various locations)
CP    Color Printer
CP    Control Plane (networking)
CP    Conference Proceedings
CP    Cancer Prevention (various organizations)
CP    Central Pacific (Railroad)
CP    Counterparts (Rush album)
CP    Corporal Punishment
CP    Content Provider
CP    Certification Program (various organizations)
CP    Core Performance (athletic training)
CP    Creepy Pasta (gaming)
CP    Chemical Processing
CP    Center Parcs (Netherlands)
CP    Capital Projects
CP    Critical Path
CP    Coldplay (band)
CP    Counterparty (credit)
CP    Clinical Pharmacology
CP    Copy Protected
CP    Code of Practice
CP    Cold Process (soap making)
CP    Corrosion Protection
CP    Crystal Palace
CP    Central Point
CP    Certificate Policy
CP    Process Capability (statistics)
CP    Call Processing (ITU-T)
CP    Cathodic Protection
CP    Communications Processor
CP    Commission Permanente (French: Standing Committee; various locations)
CP    Configuration Protocol (computing)
CP    Cyclophosphamide
CP    Certified Professional (accreditation)
CP    Conseiller Pédagogique (French: Educational Advisor)
CP    Carnivorous Plants
CP    Command Processor
CP    Collection Point (US DoD)
CP    Código Penal (Penal Code; Portugal)
CP    Cost Plus (type contract)
CP    Canadian Airlines (airline code)
CP    Cyclic Prefix
CP    Cocker Spaniel
CP    Charoen Pokphand Group (various locations)
CP    Código Postal (Postal Code, Portugese and Spainish)
CP    Cryptosporidium Parvum (microbiology)
CP    Plasma Concentration
CP    Conference on Principles and Practice of Constraint Programming (annual conference)
CP    Civilian Personnel (US Army)
CP    Contact Point
CP    Career Program (US DoD civilian employees)
CP    Código Penal (Brazilian Criminal Code)
CP    Caisse de Prévoyance (French: Pension Fund; various locations)
CP    Case Postale (French: post office box)
CP    Constant Power
CP    Crossword Puzzle
CP    Contingency Plan
CP    Compliance Policy
CP    Chicken Pox
CP    Competitive Programming (algorithm)
CP    Cyberpunk
CP    Contract Price
CP    Cleft Palate
CP    Centipoise
CP    Capacity Planning
CP    Camp Pendleton (US Marine Corps base; California)
CP    Civil Parish (England)
CP    Center of Pressure
CP    Couch Potato
CP    Civil Protection
CP    Convex Programming
CP    Community Property
CP    Conference Publication
CP    Cost Price
CP    Core Principles
CP    College Program (Disney)
CP    Communications Protocol
CP    Clock Pulse
CP    Chronic Pancreatitis
CP    Curved Path
CP    Cost Performance
CP    County Primary (UK schools)
CP    Chronic Prostatitis
CP    Complete Physical
CP    Conditional Probability
CP    Calibration Procedure
CP    Central Processor
CP    Comité de Pilotage (French: Steering Committee)
CP    Connaught Place (New Delhi, India)
CP    Connaught Place
CP    Communication Partners (New Zealand)
CP    Continuous Presence
CP    Cours Primaire (French: Primary Course)
CP    Critique Partner (writing; editing)
CP    Centre Pompidou (France)
CP    Ceruloplasmin
CP    Colgate-Palmolive Company
CP    Credit Point
CP    Chromium Picolinate
CP    Circularly Polarized
CP    Changepoint
CP    Currency Pair (finance)
CP    Creatine Phosphate
CP    Childs Play (gaming clan)
CP    Ceteris Paribus (Latin:with all other factors remaining constant)
CP    Clinical Pharmacy (journal)
CP    Contrat-Programme (French: Contract Program)
CP    Complete Pricing
CP    Circular Polarization
CP    Cost & Performance
CP    Centennial Park
CP    Commissioner of Police
CP    Cherry Picker
CP    Customer Premise (telephony)
CP    Condition Precedent
CP    Colombo Plan
CP    Cysteine Proteinase
CP    College Placement
CP    Caminhos de Ferro Portugueses (Portuguese Railways)
CP    Collegium Polonicum
CP    Call Process
CP    Cape Province
CP    Codice Penale (Italian legislation)
CP    Change Proposal
CP    Crazy Person
CP    Captain Planet (TV show)
CP    Commercially Pure
CP    Conducting Polymer
CP    Chemically Pure
CP    Critical Power
CP    Content Paradise (3D models)
CP    Construction Plan
CP    County Parish (UK)
CP    College Place (Washington)
CP    Certified Paralegal
CP    Commercial Power (reactor)
CP    Counterproliferation
CP    Continental Plan (accommodation)
CP    Choke Point
CP    City Planner
CP    Cor Pulmonale
CP    Characteristic Pattern
CP    Control Period
CP    Circuit Pack
CP    Color Pencil
CP    Chat Post
CP    Care Pathway
CP    Current Processing
CP    Counterpoints (choir; North Central High School, Indianapolis, IN)
CP    Cold Plate
CP    Capture Point (gaming)
CP    Common Process
CP    Confédération Paysanne (France)
CP    Cellulose Propionate
CP    College Preparation
CP    Certified Prosthetist
CP    Classical Philology
CP    Certified Practitioner
CP    Charge Parity (particle and nuclear physics)
CP    Certification Path
CP    Cincinnati Post
CP    Callpilot (Nortel)
CP    Constrictive Pericarditis
CP    Collection Plan
CP    Controllable Pitch (screw propeller)
CP    Collective Protection
CP    Call Pickup
CP    Coolant Pump
CP    Counterplan (debate)
CP    Cash Point (backgammon)
CP    Complement Protein
CP    Consultative Paper
CP    Cooperation Partner
CP    Condensate Pump
CP    Circular Pitch
CP    Chlorinated Paraffin
CP    Commercial Professional
CP    Calcium Propionate
CP    Central Perk (Friends tv show)
CP    Captain Picard (Star Trek character)
CP    Column Product
CP    Crease Pattern (Origami folding pattern)
CP    Cosmophotography (various companies)
CP    Computer Proficiency (education requirement)
CP    Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene
CP    Crystal Plaza (Crystal City, Arlington, VA)
CP    Contemplative Prayer
CP    Character Point(s)
CP    Certified Performance
CP    Commercial Plane
CP    Command Pilot
CP    Central Procurement
CP    Cosmological Principle (astrophysics)
CP    Computer Personnel (former journal)
CP    Complex Path
CP    Colorado Procedure
CP    Coordination Point (TTCN)
CP    Common Picture
CP    Casing Pressure
CP    Candlewick Press
CP    Celestial Pastures (FarmVille)
CP    Clan Plaid (gaming group)
CP    Claims Procedure (insurance)
CP    CollegePlus (distance learning program)
CP    Component Program
CP    Citizen Power
CP    Complete Penetration (ballistics; welding)
CP    Corrosion and Protection (Centre)
CP    Copper Piece (gaming)
CP    Change of Plan (insurance)
CP    Centro Pedagógico (Portuguese: Educational Center; Brazil)
CP    Costophrenic
CP    Concentration Points (Breath of Fire IV game)
CP    Combo Points (World of Warcraft gaming)
CP    Cerberus Pyrotronics
CP    Call Proceeding (ITU-T)
CP    Compendium of Pharmaceuticals and Specialties
CP    Crystal Peaks (Sheffield Shopping Centre, UK)
CP    Custard Powder
CP    Call Pay
CP    Prismatic Coefficient (naval architecture)
CP    Counter-Propagation
CP    Complete Partitioning
CP    Coupled Pair (many-electron theory)
CP    Capability Package
CP    Console Processor (NASA)
CP    Crystal Planet (Joe Satriani album)
CP    Cinema and Photography
CP    Cold Pipe
CP    Celestial Psychology (Celeste Emelia Mattingly business)
CP    Catapult Power (squash)
CP    Cutting Permit (forestry)
CP    Complementary Program
CP    Communication Pipe
CP    Carrier Packed
CP    Creighton Prep (High School)
CP    Collaboration Planning
CP    Connection Processor (ATMF)
CP    Center Procedure
CP    Certified Photogrammetrist
CP    Combat Point (Lineage 2 game)
CP    Connection Pending
CP    Compression Platform
CP    Core Proxy
CP    Cayley-Purser (encryption algorithm)
CP    Counter Pollution
CP    Containerless Processing
CP    Component Procedure
CP    Cape Perpetua
CP    Cherry Point Air Station (USMC)
CP    Club Puffle (website)
CP    Curious Pastimes
CP    Cannaught Place (Delhi City, India)
CP    Coordination Processor
CP    Certified Paramedic
CP    Corporate Procedure
CP    Consumer Premise
CP    Colorado Prime (Foods)
CP    Carbon Phenolic
CP    Crypto Peripheral
CP    Command Plotting/Plotter
CP    Ceiling Protocol
CP    Conditional Priority
CP    Coordination Post
CP    Capability Provider (Bluetooth)
CP    Correction Processor
CP    Convoy Planning
CP    Charge Partition (gaming, Street Fighter 3 Series)
CP    Canplast, Inc. (Wilkes Barre, PA)
CP    Calgary Planet (website)
CP    Company Packed
CP    Coolant Purification
CP    Consumers Power, Inc.
CP    Canvas Productions
CP    Customer Pilot (Sprint)
CP    Centres for Performance
CP    Corporate Processing
CP    Certificate to Proceed (various organizations)
CP    Changed Parity (decay difference between matter and anti-matter)
CP    Cargo Program Office (NASA)
CP    Cargo Projects Office
CP    Casualty Procedure
CP    Charge Conjugation/Parity Transformation
CP    Computer Program/mer
CP    Call Prompter
CP    Casualty Percentage
CP    Clincal Pathology
CP    Concentrate Phosphate
CP    Converter-Programmer
CP    Chronic Non-Suppurative Pancreatitis
CP    Consequential Propagation
CP    Campbell Paterson Catalog (philatelic catalog)
CP    Cotati Philharmonic
CP    Congregation of the Passion, Passionists (religious order)
CP    Carousel Plaza (amusement parks)
CP    Censorship & Publicity
CP    Cupsogue Pictures (film production company; est. 2006)
CP    Compressed Pinna
CP    Compartment Processor
CP    Clutter Predict
CP    Cold Band Pulse
CP    Continental Polar (Weather; Air Mass) (Earth Science)



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