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Royal Navy/British Pacific Fleet

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Hi all - at some point in the future I think it would be great if Royal Navy/British Pacific Fleet assets/missions were included. There would be some crossover with USN assets, but my initial aircraft wishlist would be:

Of course the main attraction is trying a land a Seafire on deck without mishap :classic_biggrin:.

I would appreciate your thoughts/comments on this.


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They say in the air force a landings ok, if the pilot gets out and can still walk away. But in the fleet air arm the prospects are slim, if the landings p*ss poor and the pilot can't swim.

Cracking show, I'm alive, but I still have to render my A25!

(An a25 was the Faa's pilot accident report)


British and commonwealth planes absolutely should get a showing


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"The trouble with doing something right the first time is that nobody appreciates how difficult it was"

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