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About the survey and the preferrable gameplay mode.


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Not really a technical issue with the website by any means, just a thought that I decided to post here not to clutter the General Discussion forum.

When the survey asked me about the preferrable gameplay mode, I honestly chose the single, quick SP missions option, as this is what I predominantly do in DCS, GB and CloD I admit. However, I do it not because I love it, but because being mostly a PTO guy, that's the only thing I can do in these three sims, as there's not much one can do there to create believable, long-term "faux-PTO" campaign experience.

On the other hand, back in Aces of the Pacific times, I was flying the crap out of campaigns generated in that Granddaddy of PTO sims and I surely would do it in the new platform. Thus, I think now my survey entry was kind of "wasted" when I submitted it, 'cause even though it was an honest answer about the current status, it actually created a false feedback for the devs re. the direction they should go in the future. Which brings the question - should folks fill the survey literally according to their current preference, or should the survey be re-worded a little bit to ask newcomers what their favourite, future gameplay mode will most likely be.

Just some rambling feedback, feel free to move to other forum section if needed :).



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