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So glad to see that the PTO has not been forgotten. Sadly missing from the newer crop of Sims. If I want to do Carriers I'm limited to IL-2 Pacific (never did get the MS version to run properly).

Heloego: (hee-loh-ee-goh) Noun. Helicopter Technician who prides himself on deliberately annoying Management and/or any individual who never has a clue, yet insists on telling him how to do his job. (So I'm a "Hero" or "The Enemy" depending who ya talk to.)

Been a Flight Simming ever since Fighter Duel and still hanging with BoS and DCS. Some SF stuff, too.

Retired A&P Technician. Specialized in Helos for 30 yrs. Bell, MBB (Messerschmitt-Boelkow-Blohm), Aerospatiale/Airbus, Sikorsky.

Avid motorcyclist (Two in the stable), Patriot Guard Riders Ride Captain.


S! or o7 as you wish.

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Added helicopter experience. Removed accident comment. Changed number of bikes in stable.
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Should mention that I've been a member of the Fighting Irish Squadron (online) for the last 20 yrs. We ALL miss the PTO! 😁

My "thing" is Close Support, to include Ground Attack, Bombing, and Torpedo runs.

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