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Carrier operations

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Since we are all dreaming, I thought I'd add to the list.

I want a carrier operations simulation.  The carriers, and the naval environment, the ships are your map.  Everything else is water.  Weather is key, night ops are super challenging and unique. 

That implies a flight sim, but I think what could set this project apart from the rest of the pack and carve a niche in the market is a focus on hyper-realistic and immersive WWII carrier operations.  With the right engine, physics etc, "all the things" it will be a cool flight sim, but without an equal measure of attention to the unique Naval Aviation story it will just feel like another flight sim.

Carriers are what make Combat Pilot special.  Carriers are described as floating cities, complete with everything you'd need to live.  Every digital carrier I've flown from has been a simply modeled 3D asset with no life, not anywhere near the real thing.  No sense of action or purpose or environment other than to take off and maybe land.

Just flying around a carrier in peace time is an intense, challenging, rewarding experience if done correctly, and the IJN and USN approached the concept very differently.  Telling THAT story in a sim would be pretty special.

So to that end, a focus on shipboard life and a living carrier is key.  That idea is a can of worms that isn't worth me going into, but my dream is to see it one day.

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