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Thx for the opportunity to make wishes. 

I miss the old days where sims had a soul, where you felt where developer not only make shiny products, but content behind that. IL2 great battles modules dont have that soul. It's career mode is just a plain chain of generated missions. You dont feel you are in a squadron, your comrade are dying day by day. Basic functions like mission archiv and mission logs, kills log are missing. Your roster not only showing plane kills, but also ships and boat success even as a figher pilot. This alll (and many more) kills any immersion i need to love the game. 

I hope you take the opportunity to make it better. Do it like PWCG, late me have a historial (sub)roster of a squadron. Let each pilot have its own plane to identify with. Dont let them be killed like flies. IL2 1946 had many great online wars with complete lists, statistics and logs, it was done by beginner programmer like me then (founder of first IL2 online war). So i know that its only a little effort to make it happen. I hope you are aware that a good product is not only shiny, but also has the contend needed. We all grew up width less shiny products and we loved them. Please dont make the errors IL2 GB did with leavin the SP part behind.

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