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Something between Co-op and Dogfight modes

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What I'd really like to see, but don't know quite how it could be done, is some sort of halfway house between a Coop and Dogfight online server mode.
Combat Box tries to sort of do this for il2GB and it's a noble effort.
Maybe if there was something like this:
    1. Squad chooses and plans mission on map, books aircraft types (possibility of cooperation with other units)
    2. Queues in lobby for take off slots (could manage balance a bit here)
    3. Air kills affect airbase/carrier aircraft availability
    4. Ground kills affect front line (as this already does on CB, but more dynamic)
Somehow, I'd enjoy more of a sense of continuity and effectiveness, not just air or ground kills.
In order to facilitate community developments, a comprehensive API within the sim is needed.
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