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Reconnaissance aircraft


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Can you elaborate on how you want them to work mechanically?

On the one hand, I'd like it to be represented somehow because scout plane crews had the opportunity to tip the scales (for good or for ill) at a larger scale than perhaps any other aircrew. The failure of Chakuma's No 1 to sight the American carriers at Midway, and the poor spotting report by Tone's No 4, for instance, had major impacts on that battle.

But I don't know this would be implemented in an engaging way. Even a successful scouting flight might be 4 hours along a out-and-back course (much longer in the case of flying boats like the PBY with a 20+ hour endurance). It also places a lot of demands on the radio system: to be engaging, you'd want the player to take the burden of identifying ships and choosing what to report (thus creating tension between shadowing a fleet at a great distance, vs dashing in to quickly ID and transmit and then getting out). It's also not clear how to present the impact of a successful vs unsuccessful sortie to the player.

PR could be simpler to implement, but still involves long sorties on a rigid course and to me sounds less interesting than scouting.


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