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Tracks, ATC and some others things

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I hope that it will be possible to integrate an ATC, which will allow you to have certain indications, such as the return course, the weather, to signal a "pilot at sea" in order to request help at sea (with a Catalina AI for example)...

Likewise, to enable communication with AI wingmen, notably to request assistance, ideally with the ability to select one's own radio channel, for example.

Enable a pilot who falls overboard to survive and await rescue in a Dinghy, for example.

Plot flight plans with Waypoints on the in-flight map, and why not inform your wingmen (players or AIs) about them?

And then the rest, already mentioned here; tank selection, having "real protected tanks", self-sealing, having personnel on the flight decks for take-off or landing (see DCS on this subject) etc....

Thank you very much!

PS and no size limit, or better the possibility to select the size limit for tracks

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I forgot to mention LODs in general, and ship LODs in particular, because smoke and wakes can be seen from very far away, and of course, in a region like Midway, where there's only the ocean, it's going to be crucially important to be able to spot ships from a distance.

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