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Rules of the Forum


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The Rules of the Combat Pilot forum are as follows:

1.  Be polite and friendly.

2. Don't harass anyone including the Combat Pilot team or forum Moderators in any way.

3. Keep conversion germane to our new product or related topics.

4. Refrain from showing political images or symbols that others deem hateful or evil outside of necessary historical context.

5. Do not make political statements about the past, present or future. This is not a political forum. 

6. The Combat Pilot team reserves the right to remove ANY content or information for ANY reason, especially if we find it detrimental to our project or this community. We will also, at our sole discretion, ban you or otherwise censor you with or without a warning. 

7. You agree to foster a fun and civil environment here at Combat Pilot. If you insist on working against that aim, we will remove your access. 

8. We reserve the right to modify these Rules at any time and without warning.

9. By voluntarily visiting or participating in this forum you agree to these rules and will abide by them.

10. Comments deemed non-sensical will be moderated or removed.


The Combat Pilot Team 


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