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Q. How do the Ranks and Badges work in the Combat Pilot forum?

A. We decided to add something kind of fun and institute Ranks and Badges. As you participate in the discussion you'll earn some interesting, but completely meaningless awards!! :classic_biggrin: Below is how they are awarded and arranged. Badges will be awarded automatically based on the criteria we've created or can be awarded by staff. Ranks will also be automatically awarded based on a points system, but they can also be awarded manually by staff by increasing your points. However, the best way to earn Badges and Rank up is through participation and posting quality content! If you like someone or something they post give them a Follow or a Reaction.  (5/20/23)

 CP_Forum_All_Ranks_Final.thumb.png.e62ee024f34a73a0f40b010828b51cd6.png CP_Forum_All_Badges_Final.thumb.png.9db7f6ea8580d14759d1ca9902114bf8.png


Q. Will you support VR?

A. Yes, but how fast that happens or how great performance is, won't be known for quite some time. (5/20/23)

Q. What will you be releasing first? 

A. What we will sell exactly, either as a first product or the general release, is unknown at this early point. There are many options and configurations available to us. We may sell a small product to generate income ourselves and not rely on outside parties for additional funding, or we may make a deal with an outside party that will allow us to make our first release larger and more feature rich. It remains to be seen. What we do know is that we have a plan for the first year of development and we are striving to meet those development goals and deadlines. Once that foundation is built, our future plans will come into focus much more. (5/21/23)


Q. When will be the first release? 

A. Just like a real airplane, we need to build a flyable prototype! Only after a successful prototype is made, which should take us about a year give or take, we will evaluate when we can potentially release something commercially. Depending on our budget, team size, talent and technology it could be as soon as 18 months from now or it could be 2-3 years or longer. I wish I could be more exact, but without the prototype flying through the virtual skies, we can only guess at this point. Our preliminary work points to a bright future so we are going to continue to work hard for you and do our best. (5/21/23)

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