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Super hyped - nostalgia overload


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I'm really happy with this announcement.  I love the PTO as a sim environment.  The stories are compelling, it's just over the horizon from my home in NZ, and we might get to stick some RNZAF skins on P-40s and Corsairs are some point.  Let's be serious, a Hudson is probably asking a little too much at this stage!

I'm also having enjoyable flashbacks to the two previous sims I was able to properly enjoy in this theatre - CFS2 and Pacific Fighters.  

Does anyone remember the amazing modding and mission design efforts that went into the Midway and Battle of the Bismarck Sea campaigns for CFS2?  Or the incredible lagoon water effects when you first turned on Perfect Mode in Pacific Fighters?  Good times!  I'm looking forward to this sim providing some similar rewarding moments.

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I totally agree and although I never played CFS2 I did get a lot enjoyment out of PF, especially once I had a pc that could run it in Perfect mode when even the empty ocean could look quite pretty!
I also hope we get the Hudson one day but maybe we'd have a better chance of seeing the PV-1 Ventura seeing it was operated in some numbers by the US/AU/NZ.
Needless to say I hyped that one day we might get to recreate the scenes below.


PR1206 Geoff Fisken sml.jpg

Ventura PR5296 sml.jpg

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Skins, missions, campaigns and historical references for flight sims: http://www.axis-and-allies-paintworks.com/news.php


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