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I came to fly the "other" WWII flight sim a little late after the first four modules were released.  What I really enjoyed was that I could start close to the beginning of the war and move chronologically forward.  This helped me to imagine what it was like through each period, as well as enjoy the technological changes in the aircraft over time.

I realize that this is a new commercial effort and very careful consideration must be given to achieving success from the start, which means that the most famous battles will likely be featured first.  But even so, it would be so cool if the releases mirrored the Pacific War chronologically, and we could experience the war in the order that it happened.

Either way, I will likely buy every installment that makes it out the door.  And at some point, maybe we will be able to start at Pearl or the fall of the Philippines and work our way through the island hopping campaign to the end.

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