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  1. Thanks for the reply, and sorry for my delay. We used Javafoil to calculate the performance of the wings mostly, my job was to find the data on the wing-shapes and run them through Javafoil. Enter the data into the engine and flight test the ass off the planes and compare this to the most reliable RL testing data we can locate. So, whilst I did build, and tweak, we didn't need to manually calculate the wing performance. This made it rather more user friendly in open source (targetware). WarThunder was a similar process and we found JavaFoil gave quite good results, at least it took the human component away from the process. (Some builders like to 'tweak' parameters to much IMHO). What I offer is not to be in the 'team' so much (life is busy), as to more be a source for some data on WW2 aircraft and their engines. I have a fair amount of tested data on IJ and Allied, particularly the Pacific theatre aircraft. All the usual stuff from the NACA testing, some independent Aussie and Brits tests also from our AWM, purchased engine documents from P&W, and books like the the Alison v1710, but also some harder to get IJ stuff I picked up along the way. Give me a PM and a list of your data gaps and I'll see what I can dig up. Regards Steve
  2. Snafu, and others, fancy meeting you guys here.😁 Keenly watching the progress, can't wait to get in the Pacific Air again after such a long hiatus. I have not flown sims since working on WarThunder in 2010 (got ripped off some money), it never gave me what I needed anyway. I miss the Pacific Theatre (Japanese and Aussies) and Carriers/Ship and island warfare we created in Target Rabaul. Who else do we have here from the old days? Regards Steve (Peril)
  3. Hi all, for those that don't know me I was involved with the Targetware simulator team, and developed the Pacific Theatre based 'Target Rabaul'. My role was R & D, accruing creditable FM data for Japanese and Allied Aircraft, creating the flight models and hours of FM testing against RL data. Our team also created 100s of RL based airfields for our pacific terrain map. I also did some time working with early Allied and Japanese FMs with the War Thunder team. It has been a long, long time since a NEW Pacific War Theatre Sim was in the market place, something I and all my Aussie team have been keenly waiting for. Happy to assist with FM data and general knowledge for Japanese and Allied (inc. Aussie) Aircraft of this theatre. Drop me a line, my HD is still full of flight tested flight and engine performance data, as well as lots of 3D although it is old and simplistic compared to todays models. Regards Steve. (Peril)
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