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  1. How about clickable cockpits or is that a step to far?
  2. Yes and that's the same for most of us , but in game you get 180 perfect vision , that's the killer.
  3. Yes your eyes can see where your head isn't pointing , but your vision is not the as clear as in game makes it , So you have shoulder harnesses on and you can turn you head 180 deg's and pick a object out another 30 deg's to the side. I must be doing some thing wrong lol
  4. 180, deg's? and you dont see your head rests , i need a car like that lol
  5. This is the best news we have had in years , back in 2000 I took the plunge and joined my first online group , we were flying CFS2 Pacific Theater and i was hooked , it will be great to go full circle and once again get to do carrier Ops in a war bird.
  6. Great news that at last we are to get the Pacific theater , the one thing I would ask for is to stop the ability for pilots to look backwards 180 deg? It's the one thing all sims let you do by either using snap view / neck savers / head tracking etc and the one thing pilots couldn't do , for those who say you can try it in your car next time your out. History tells us that the top aces would sneak up on an opponent before opening up , just look at the video's our top sim aces love to put out and you see what i mean , they seem to have a head like a Owl. So for the greater good of piloting kind , put some sort of limit on the ability to rotate the head view and add another thing to make the project awesome.
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