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Wish / Suggestion: Camera Timeline Controls for Replays

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Something I wish all flight sims have is extra functionality to support content creators in the replay section.

What do I mean? It would be very cool to be able to compose a cinematic replay of a flight by having timeline controls that allow you to position the camera and have it follow or move along a path, much like the way you would compose an animation on 3D modeling software.


This will allow content creators to make some really awesome stuff more easily. If we could get into a replay and create a very cool cinematic with it, then hit play to view our final work and record it with something like OBS, we can then edit this cinematic with our live in-camera footage and create something really meaningful, not to mention cool.

We can already do this with the basic replay system from other games, but only at a rudimentary level. To be able to have full camera control would be taking it to the next level.

Your game would also benefit by giving content creators more tools to do the things they do best.


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I have to agree, the more camera assets that are available, the better the free marketing and publicity will be. To be able to attach a camera spline in a replay would be awesome, but I think we should also look at building for the future.

Imagine if CP had it's own Tacview generator that was made from the games replays, BUT players were able to place cameras and camera splines inside it while reviewing played missions? So players could either watch the replays rendered in the game engine OR watch it as a Tacview style replay, with the interactive ability to place cameras.

So imagine a video like this as the replay with the ability to place cameras in there at any point in time, then play it back through the game engine.


Further to that and adding to free marketing and publicity, I really hope the developers consider adding Nvidia Ansel. The free marketing and publicity it would give, including 360 degree VR screenshots that could be shared over so many forums and VR developer forums/businesses would again give a huge boost to player base.

The Unreal Engine already supports Nvidia Ansel:



360 degree view with Ansel:


Finally screenshots in Warthunder (I know, I know, but this is just a "imagine what you could do in Combat Pilot")


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