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Remembering the Fallen - Memorial Day 2024

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God bless all that have given the ultimate sacrifice for the USA. I wish all my fellow Americans, especially our veterans, a relaxing holiday weekend as we remember and honor the fallen. 



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I read about the staggering number of the fallen Allied military personnel in WWII. They number 15 million.

It is difficult for us born after that war to grasp what such a number means. And this is on the Allied military side only. A lot of fallen civilians not counted here have also fought and have fallen for freedom.

It is difficult to imagine how indebted we are to all the fallen and the many others that remained, with scars in their flesh and mind.

So when I see that after 80 years we really learned nothing, and we continue to pile up bodies (in the millions too) since WWII, with all the wars in Asia, Balkans, Ukraine, Middle east, Africa, maybe China tomorrow. That makes me very very sad. 


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Posted (edited)
5 hours ago, IckyAtlas said:

That makes me very very sad. 

It's a no brainer really... humans are tribal. All through the ages we have fought other tribes with different religions and customs to the one we belong to.

If another group comes into our territory we have always fought to overcome and force them out... we have always been that way.

We have killed each other in large numbers since time began, and anyone that thinks just because politicians tell us we can all live in harmony in a peaceful world, they are deluded... it will never ever happen, and that is the saddest thing, you are correct.

You just have to watch a football match nowadays to see how tribal we still are...

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